First announcement of contributed oral presentations

Hugh Broders*. Survivorship and roosting patterns of little brown bats.

Bradley C. Fedy*, and Jeffrey R. Row. Long-term monitoring in sagebrush-steppe habitats: What have we learned from > 60 years of counting sage-grouse?

Anthony J. Gaston*. Changes in Arctic marine bird populations since 1970 and the impact of climate change.

Stephen J. Hecnar*, and Darlene R. Hecnar. Long-term study of the spatial dynamics and structure of a regional amphibian fauna.

Heather M. Kharouba*, Johan Ehrlen, Andrew Gelman, Kjell Bolmgren , Jenica Allen, Steve Travers, and Elizabeth Wolkovich. Linking climate change to shifts in the timing of species interactions: the need for historical baselines.

Jeffrey Lane*, Stephen Dobson, and Jan Murie. Sheep River Columbian ground squirrel project – a model long-term system for eco-evo-energetics research.

Melanie Massey, Ronald J. Brooks, Graham Nancekivell, and Njal Rollinson*. Long-term monitoring of hatchling sex ratios in a species with temperature-dependent sex determination during a period of rapid climate change.

Martyn E. Obbard, Erica J. Newton*, Eric J. Howe, Mark R.L. Cattet, and Kevin R. Middel. Sizable declines:  Changes in skeletal size and weight of Southern Hudson Bay polar bears over 25 years

Brent R. Patterson*, John F. Benson, Karen M. Loveless, Kenneth J. Mills, Linda Y. Rutledge, and Connor Thompson. Long-term assessment of wolf viability in and around Algonquin Park, Ontario.

Lucey Poley*, Justina C. Ray, and Audrey J. Magoun. Modelling wolverine occupancy in northern Ontaro using multi-year occupancy data.

Frances Stewart*, A. Cole Burton, and Jason T. Fisher. Scaling down for the long-term: can provincial-scale models predict landscape-scale distributions?

Alex Sutton*, Dan Strickland, and D. Ryan Norris. Climate-driven carry-over effects on reproductive success of a boreal passerine.

Liana Zanette*, and Michael Clinchy. Quantifying fear effects in wildlife at long-term study sites.


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