Poster presentations!

Here is our line-up of poster titles:

Alexandra Anderson, Erica Nol, Paul Smith, Cheri Gratto-Trevor, R.I.G. Morrison, and Christian Friis.  Shrinking shorebird wings: evidence of morphometric change from James Bay banding data.

Jeff Bowman. 70 years: a history of wildlife research in the Ontario government.

Michael Brown, Jeff Bowman, Gary Burness,  and Paul J. Wilson. The Kawartha Flying Squirrel Project.

Ben Dantzer, Freya van Kesteren, Andrew G. McAdam, Rupert Palme, Murray M. Humphries, Jeffrey E. Lane, Stan Boutin, Rudy Boonstra. The perils and pitfalls in the measurement of physiological biomarkers in longitudinal studies.

Stephen J. Hecnar and Darlene R. Hecnar. The value of long-term monitoring of cryptic endangered species to learn about population trends, management needs and general biology: case study of the five-lined skink.

Dexter P. Hodder and Shannon M. Crowley. Using meso-carnivores as a measure of change in forest ecosystems: a case study from central British Columbia.

 Janet M. Jackson, R. S. Rempel, and S. Van Wilgenburg. Modeling misidentification error in songbird occupancy estimates based on acoustic monitoring.

Cornelya F. C. Klütsch, Micheline Manseau, and Paul J. Wilson. The importance of the inclusion of evolutionary history into wildlife conservation.

Stephanie Mabee. Using stable isotopes to track long-term changes of muskoxen ecology: determining why Ovibos moschatus survived the late Pleistocene mass extinction.

Robby R. Marrotte, Jeff Bowman, and Chad Cordes. Inferring climate optima for furbearers from long-term harvest records.

Kevin C. Morey and Amy E. M. Newman. Epigenetic transmission of the stress response in wild red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus).

Kyle W. Morrison, Ashley A.D. McLaren, Liam A. Kennedy-Slaney, Brent R. Patterson, and Bruce A. Pond. Long term data in support of deer harvest management decisions in Ontario.

Tessa Plint, Keith A. Hobson, Fred J. Longstaffe, and Elizabeth A. Webb. Stable isotope applications in wildlife conservation.

Melanie B. Prentice, Jeff Bowman, Dennis L. Murray, and Paul J. Wilson. Spatial and environmental influences on selection in a clock gene in Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis).

Pauline Priadka and Glen Brown. Optimizing monitoring of harvested species.

Pauline Priadka, Micheline Manseau, and Paul J. Wilson. Using genetics in conservation planning for boreal woodland caribou.

Robert.S. Rempel and J. N. Robinson. Knowledge management software applied to field classification of provincial ecosites.

Miriam H. Richards. Nest-site competition and the socioecology of reproduction in eastern carpenter bees.

Shannon D. Ritchie, Nicholas E. Mandrak, Marc W. Cadotte, and Andrew M. Lentini. Winter ecology of the Blanding’s turtle (Emydoidea blandingii) head-starts.

Crystal Robertson, Shannon D. Ritchie, Leanne Collett, Paul Yannuzzi, Andrew M. Lentini, and Bob Johnson. Summary of a long term study leading to population augmentation for the Threatened Blanding’s turtle (Emydoidea blandingii) in an urbanized landscape.

Julia Shonfield and Erin Bayne. Bioacoustics: The beginnings of a new type of long-term data.

Kirsten Solmundson, Colin J. Garroway, Caitlin Ferry, Quinn E. Fletcher, and A. Richard Westwood. Using body condition and giving up densities to determine habitat quality of urban tree squirrels.

Carolyn A. Trombley, Astrid N. Schwalb, Thomas B. Hardy, and Karl Cottenie. Endangered endemic cyprinid minnow exhibits different spatial and temporal patterns to native and invasive species in a perennial desert stream.

Alina Tsimbaliouk, Stefanie M. Colombo, and Michael T. Arts. Dietary long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (EPA + DHA) effects on a crop pest, the Bertha Armyworm (Mamestra configurata).

Jacqueline S. Verstege and James D. Roth. A tale of two foxes.



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